Related projects


Provide quantifiable evidence, frameworks and tools, to remove the barriers and enable a cooperative and interconnected European single transport market for the MaaS concept, by addressing challenges at four levels: business, end-users, technology and policy.


Its overall objective  is to achieve sustainable travel in urban and interurban areas and across borders by replacing private vehicle ownership by private vehicle use.


Its main objective is to accelerate deployment and unlock the scalability of ‘Mobility as a Service’ (MaaS) schemes in Europe, ultimately paving the way for a ’roaming’ service for MaaS users on a European level.


The primary goal of HARMONY is the development of a new generation of harmonised spatial and multimodal transport planning tools which comprehensively model the dynamics of the changing transport sector and spatial organisation, enabling metropolitan area authorities to lead the transition to a low carbon new mobility era in a sustainable manner


The LeMO project studies and analyses big data in the European transport domain in particular with respect to five transport dimensions: mode, sector, technology, policy and evaluation


Infra4Dfuture will develop a demand-driven overarching strategy and coordination mechanism for the modernization of transport infrastructure.


The AW-Drones project will contribute to the safe use of mass market drones by supporting the on-going EU regulatory process for the definition of rules, technical standards and procedures



SPROUT aims at providing a new city-led innovative and data driven policy response to address the impacts of the emerging mobility patterns, digitallyenabled operating & business models, and transport users’ needs.


The European Technology Platform ALICE is set-up to develop a comprehensive strategy for research, innovation and market deployment of logistics and supply chain management innovation in Europe. The platform supports and assists and advise the European Commission into the implementation of the EU Program for research: Horizon 2020 in the area of Logistics. 



MOMENTUM will develop new data analysis methods, transport models and planning support tools to capture the impact of new transport options to support cities in designing the right policy mix and exploit emerging mobility solutions.