The rapid proliferation of new technologies and disruptive innovations are threatening well established players across many sectors. None more so than in the mobility sector, where the public and private provision of passenger and freight transport is undergoing a mobility revolution. To ensure maximum benefit from innovation in mobility, the right regulatory framework conditions and cooperation between public authorities and industry, business and operators is needed. The overall goal of GECKO (Governance principles and mEthods enabling deCisions maKers to manage and regulate the changing mObility systems) is to support authorities in developing the most appropriate regulatory framework and governance model, through guidance, recommendations and case studies, for the transition to a new mobility era of cooperative, inclusive, competitive, sustainable and interconnected mobility across all modes, through evidence-based research.

The recommendations for new regulatory approaches provided by GECKO aim to enable effective deployment of emerging technologies, business and operating models for all transport modes. The project collects feedback and exchanges insights about the challenges and opportunities of new and emerging mobility solutions with EU and global stakeholders. Consultation is organised along three main thematic areas:

  • Automation end emerging technology
  • Shared mobility, public transport and    Mobility as a Service (Maas)
  • Digitalisation and data-drive model

Expected outputs:

  • Knowledge bank with state of play on innovation and new mobility solutions
  • Regulatory Frameworks Dashboard to assesses the economic, technological and social impacts of disruptive technologies and business models on regulatory and governance frameworks
  • Compliance Map to visualise the results of the Dashboard, using case studies
  • Roadmap with target for better regulatory policy and actions needed for achievement
  • Policy recommendations

The 10-partner consortium consists of multidisciplinary experts, including leading universities, networks and industry sector specialists.