The SPROUT Project: Cities leading the urban mobility transition through the development of innovative policy responses

Every three months, GECKO presents one of its related projects. Take a look at SPROUT!

The rapid emergence of new business models, new technologies, and disruptive innovations in urban mobility represents a considerable challenge for policy-making. Previously tested policy responses are not adequate to address to the transition which is now underway, or to address current societal challenges, issues related to citizens’ everyday lives, and the requirements of businesses.

It is in this complex scenario that the SPROUT project (Sustainable Policy RespOnse to Urban Mobility Transition) comes into action. The main objective of the project is to put cities at the heart of the urban mobility transition. By building on the solutions to urban mobility challenges - related to both passenger transport and urban freight logistics - developed by six pilot cities (Valencia, Padua, Kalisz, Budapest, Tel Aviv, Ningbo), the work of the project will be focused on producing new and practice-based knowledge and tools. Such knowledge and tools will contribute to an evidence-based and innovative policy response to disruptive innovations in mobility.

In order to ensure a wide applicability of this city-led policy response, the project will engage with nine other cities and regions (Hertogenbosch, Ioannina, Gothenburg, Arad, Mechelen, Ile-de-France, West Midlands, Almada and Minneapolis). These cities and regions, called Validation cities and regions, will closely monitor the solutions developed by the pilot cities and will contribute to their revision and testing. In addition, the SPROUT Open Innovation Community on Urban Mobility Policy was created as an exchange platform, where a diverse range of mobility organisations and cities will be engaged in discussion and debate, thus enabling further validation of the conclusions and the lessons learned throughout the project.

With urban areas rapidly growing in both size and population, sustainable development challenges are increasingly concentrated in cities. The SPROUT project will support cities in the transition and make a positive impact on the development of sustainable urban mobility systems.

You can learn more about SPROUT on the project website, or by following the project on Twitter and Linkedin.

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