The LeMO Project: Leveraging Big Data to Manage Transport Operations

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Transport researchers and policy makers today face several challenges as they work to build efficient, safe, and sustainable transport systems. From rising congestion to growing demand for public transit, the travel behaviour and transportation preferences of city dwellers are changing fast.

The LeMO project (Leveraging Big Data to Manage Transport Operations) addresses these issues by investigating the implications of using big data to enhance the economic sustainability and competitiveness of European transport sector.  The project studies and analyses big data in the European transport domain in particular with respect to five transport dimensions: mode, sector, technology, policy and evaluation. LeMO has conducted a series of case studies, in order to develop recommendations on the prerequisites of effective big data implementation in the transport field.

LeMO supplements these case studies with a trend analysis that identifies the barriers and limitations of the transportation system to exploit big data opportunities. In collaboration with strong advisory, reference group, and expert stakeholders, LeMO is in the process of devising a research and policy roadmap that will provide incremental steps necessary towards data openness and sharing to make transport safer, more efficient and more sustainable. LeMO brings crucial issues linked to privacy, data security and legal aspects to the forefront, paving the way for future legal framework for the collection and exploitation of big data in transport.

How does LeMO link to GECKO?

Since data is fuelling the development and implementation of new mobility services, regulation and governance of data in Europe can have huge implications on how the future of mobility is shaped. On the other hand, to develop effective recommendations aiming at fostering the use of big data in transport, a deeper understanding on connections between mobility innovation and data is required.

In view of this, projects LeMO and GECKO have been closely collaborating and have cross fertilized each other’s work. This collaboration is further facilitated by CORTE, which is involved as a partner in both the projects. The projects have already exchanged case-studies and research to enrich their results and will continue to share knowledge in the future.


You can learn more about LeMO on the project website:, or by following the project on Twitter

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