The GECKO stakeholders meet for the second time (online)!

The second GECKO Stakeholder Workshop took place as a series of thematic online sessions between the 19th and the 25th May

GECKO held its second of three planned stakeholder consultation workshops last month, with sessions on May 18th, 19th, 20th, and 25th. Originally planned to take place at the International Transport Forum, the meeting was reconfigured as an online event, in which stakeholders were invited to attend sessions addressing specific themes in GECKO, as well as a session sharing the latest news and results from GECKO, and a wrap-up session to share the results of the workshop discussions.

Consultation sessions focussed on the factors that need to be addressed to create the ideal regulatory framework for connected and automated vehicles, on-demand and shared mobility, big data, shared micro-mobility, and “futuristic” services (e.g. passenger urban air mobility, drone last-mile delivery, hyperloop). Other sessions looked at the role of big data in the development of business models that organise, create, offer, and deliver value to a broad range of stakeholders while minimising ecological and social costs. Another set of sessions shared insights into existing business models that have been applied to new mobility technologies and services and focussed the stakeholder discussion on how these may need to change to be future-ready.

Though the revised format presented challenges, it was also an opportunity to try new approaches and widen the participant pool to include stakeholders who would not have been able to travel to the physical meeting. In total 41 stakeholders participated, representing public and private sectors, and other influencers, with a stake in the fields being examined by the project: 1) automation and emerging technologies; 2) shared mobility, public transport and Mobility as a Service and 3) digitalisation and data-driven models. 

You can watch here the opening and the closing session of the Stakeholder consultation workshop and you can visit the Resources page of the website to access all the presentations of the different thematic sessions. 

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