Stakeholders are key to the GECKO Project

A diversified range of stakeholders from the public and private sector have expressed interest in participating to the GECKO Stakeholder Group. Over the next two years, they will engage in an open exchange on the challenges and opportunities created by new mobility solutions.

New mobility options have been popping up so quickly in recent months and years that it’s almost impossible to keep track of them, much less understand what seems to be promising in different jurisdictions. In order to understand what the options are, the various factors at play, and the potential consequences of decisions made (or not made), the GECKO project committed to a broad stakeholder engagement process over the course of the project. Over the past months, 150+ mobility professionals have signed up as GECKO stakeholders, accepting the opportunity to learn from and exchange with others in the fast-evolving field of new mobility.

Stakeholders represent:

  1. the public service at various levels of government;
  2. providers of new mobility services and solutions from the private sector;
  3. actors representing other influencers (academia, associations, etc.).

from across Europe as well as North America and Asia. All completed an online questionnaire to signal their willingness to share their expertise and experience with the GECKO consortium.

Stakeholder activities over the coming two years of the project will include both online and face-to-face interaction. Activities to date include an online survey asking for examples of regulatory frameworks for new mobility and interviews with several providers of mobility services on their business models.

The first of three GECKO stakeholder workshops is planned for late October in London. Discussion topics include:

  • cooperation between public and private parties in new mobility;
  • the economic, social and political variables at play in the successful introduction of new mobility services;
  • how (and how much) to regulate new mobility.

Invitees include 30-35 new mobility stakeholders from across Europe and beyond, representing both the public and private sectors, allowing for exchange across sectors and jurisdictions. A report of the outcome of the workshop will be made available in November.

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