Shift2Maas Project launches pilot testing technology aiming to advance MaaS

The Shift2MaaS project aims to test the technologies aiming to advance MaaS in Europe

In a world that is increasingly connected and tech-savvy, passengers more than ever expect a mobility offer that integrates different modes of transport, is tailored to their lifestyle, and creates a seamless door-to-door journey.

One application for the European market that combines all transport modes and enables passengers to buy one ticket for their entire journey, even when using different modes: this is what the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking is working on. Now, one of its projects, Shift2MaaS, kicked off its pilots testing the technologies aiming to advance the uptake of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in Europe. The results will be used to define the next steps for the ecosystem development, focusing on improving the technologies and providing valuable feedback from operators and passengers to developers.

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