NOESIS: Generating value through Big Data in Transport

The NOESIS project aims to provide a robust methodological framework (Decision Support Tool) and data-driven evidence to enable the deployment of a Big Data in Transport ecosystem in Europe, by addressing the associated technological, institutional/legal, business, and policy challenges.

There has been a surge in interest for using big data in the field of transport and logistics. Many crucial elements in creating smart cities, implementing Mobility as a Service (MaaS) as well as promoting mobility innovations (such as Connected and Autonomous Vehicles) are based on the immense potential of big data technologies. Despite the promise of these technologies, the critical factors that help successful application of big data in transport to generate value, are largely unknown. In this context, NOESIS helps understand the patterns and requirements which are relevant for generating value out of Big Data investments in transport.

NOESIS has developed a Decision Support Tool for end-users so that they can assess the value generated by investing in and deploying Big Data Technologies. The project provides a methodological framework and data-driven evidence to enable the use of Big Data in the Transport ecosystem in Europe.

NOESIS has also built a Big Data in Transport Library, which consists of a collection of Big Data use cases in the field of transport and logistics.

The project began in November 2017 and concluded its work last month in October 2019. You can learn more about NOESIS on the project website The website also allows you to access various deliverables developed under the project.

GECKO will benefit from the work done under NOESIS at different levels. The methodologies used by NOESIS to develop the Decision Support Tool will be used to inform the work on Regulatory Dashboard under GECKO. Additionally, the use-cases listed in Big Data Transport Library of NOESIS, will also be used to extract information for different deliverables under GECKO.

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