Ghent launches the Replicator City Programme for TMaaS

Cities without an established traffic control/mobility management centre may be interested in TMaaS, developed by the Belgian city of Ghent. The essence of TMaaS is an online platform offering local government and citizens an efficient and multimodal view of what is happening in a city in real-time.

Ghent developed the TMaaS concept as an alternative to the traditional traffic management centre, which is common in most larger cities. It allows cities to see what’s happening 24/7 in their cities, to show and tell citizens what’s going right and wrong in the streets, listen to their responses and act upon them.

TMaaS is a central cloud-platform that integrates local and global data sources. Local authorities can access the platform and manage traffic instantly, instead of investing years in hardware. It can be expensive to set up and maintain traffic management centres, as well as the roadside hardware (for traffic monitoring). TMaaS uses data that is readily available from various partners and companies. What’s more, it is multimodal.

TMaaS also makes use of existing channels, such as social media, to communicate with users. Citizens can subscribe to alerts. When a specific mobility event or disruption matches the user’s preferences or routes they will be informed and alternatives will be suggested.

Ghent believes that TMaaS is a viable solution for smaller and medium-sized cities which want to work in a more proactice manner on traffic and mobility management. It is for this reason that it has launched the Replicator City Programme in which ultimately three cities will have the opportunity to work with the TMaaS team to learn about cloud-based mobility management. The three winning cities will be announced in October 2019

For more information about TMaaS and the replicator programme, click here.

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