GECKO workshop looks at conflicting interests

Read more about GECKO'S 3rd stakeholder workshop!

On 13-15 April, 2021, GECKO held its third of three stakeholder workshops, bringing together 40+ stakeholders for six online discussion groups over three days. They represented the private and public sectors as well as academia and associations in Europe, Asia and North America. The topics addressed included:

  • Conflicting interests: This session looked at the conflicting interests between the public and the private sector when it comes to new mobility and its governance and how these can be overcome.
  • Looking ahead to 2040: In the context of a scenario for the mobility situation for 2040, stakeholders discussed the steps needed to get there, the challenges faced and how to overcome them.
  • Recommendations: Here, stakeholders discussed policy statements around the regulation of new mobility (passenger and freight), thinking about what needs to be considered and what the top priorities are.

The results of the discussion will feed into GECKO’s guidelines for new governance models, a roadmap to the regulation of new mobility for 2040 and project recommendations.

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