GECKO webinar: Managing New Mobility, How to Regulate E-Scooters

The first GECKO webinar featured city and operator perspectives on e-scooter regulations. If you missed it, you can watch it here!

On March 11th, GECKO held a well-attended webinar on e-scooter regulation, with presentations by Marco Lietz from Circ, providing the operator perspective, and Michael Glotz-Richter from Bremen, providing the city perspective. Both points of view highlighted the mutual importance of open dialogue between cities and e-scooter operators to determine what is feasible and how e-scooters can provide a solution for local issues.

Marco’s presentation on behalf of Circ addressed how the industry has evolved as both the number of riders and the number of cities with e-scooters have expanded. A focus on safety, harmony with other modes, and integration with local infrastructure are important factors to ensuring the sustainability of e-scooters in cities.

Michael’s presentation of Bremen’s thoroughly-considered approach to the introduction of e-scooters to the city indicates that regulations such as a limited number of scooters, no-parking zones, and no-riding zones are useful, and that prior cycle-friendliness in a city helps facilitate a smooth integration of these new two-wheeled vehicles.

Based on the high level of interest and number of questions and comments from the audience, it is clear that the discussion of e-scooter regulations is far from over. We look forward to creating future opportunities for exchange.

The consortium collected in a comprehensive document a series of questions asked by the participants and the answers of the presenters. If you would like to further explore the discussion taken place at the webinar, click here.

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