GECKO webinar: Managing New Mobility, How to Regulate Automated Vehicles

The second GECKO webinar featured perspectives from a city and private sector experts on automated vehicle regulations. If you missed it, you can watch it below!

On 24 March 2021, GECKO held a well-attended webinar on the regulation of automated vehicles in jurisdictions across Europe and beyond. The presenters shared their views and priorities in navigating this emerging technology, complemented by a lively discussion among panellists and participants.

Caroline Busquet from Absiskey presented an overview of existing regulations around automated vehicles, followed by presentations from Wolfgang Backhaus from Rupprecht Consult on the automation-ready framework developed through the EU-funded CoEXist project, and Michael Glotz-Richter from the City of Bremen, who provided the city perspective.

As with many emerging technologies, the discussion on automated vehicles regulations is far from over. We look forward to creating future opportunities for exchange.

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