GECKO was featured at the Urban Mobility Days 2020

GECKO provided insights on how to integrate shared mobility services in urban ecosystems.

The GECKO project was featured in a panel discussion which took place from 29 September to 2 October 2020 at the Urban Mobility Days virtual conference, the flagship event organised by the European Commission on sustainable and innovative urban mobility.

The panel debate was moderated by ITF-OECD Advisor Philippe Crist and allowed for an in-depth discussion on the integration of shared mobility services in urban ecosystems. Speakers involved were Yannick Bousse, UITP Senior Project Manager and GECKO project coordinator; Diederik Basta, City of Amsterdam and eHUBS project coordinator; Pierre de Schaetzen, CEO of Billy Bike; Aurelien Pozzana, Head of Public Policy at BOLT); and Karen Vancluysen, POLIS Secretary General.

After a general presentation on GECKO’s main objectives and latest activities, Yannick pointed out to the importance of analysing the impacts of new mobility services (NMS) on cities and the need of aligning them with local mobility policy objectives. It was underlined also how regulation for NMS can be a fluid process, informed by data produced by them. In line with the GECKO analyses, Yannick also mentioned how Memoranda of Understanding can be regulatory tools that allow more flexible interactions between private providers and local authorities.

You can watch here the recording of the session.

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