GECKO publishes its final update on the new mobility services and business models report

GECKO'S project partner University College London (UCL) released the final update on the new mobility services and business models report.

New mobility services and technologies have redefined the transport industry and changed users’ behaviour in both positive and negative ways, given high uncertainties of disruptive innovations. Our research team at University College London (UCL) therefore reviewed recent mobility solutions to understand key factors that influence the implementation of mobility services and technologies, market development, and business models of these innovations. Multiple sources of data was collected to investigate new mobility services and technologies, including desk research, interviews and focus groups on the stakeholder workshops.

Findings show that different innovations are influenced by various factors, which is also directly related to current market status. The business model canvases also indicate that the value creation, delivery, and capture mechanisms of these cases. In addition, we looked into the impacts of COVID-19 on these innovations due to the fact that the pandemic has significant influences on the sustainable urban mobility and might potentially facilitate / deter specific disruptive innovations. Finally, a sustainability-oriented future scenario was chosen to explore how business models and regulatory policies might be changed in the future. Overall, the findings provide guidance for public authorities to design and implement more appropriate policies to prosper the development of the transport industry. The report can be found on our official GECKO website.

Link to the report: GECKO D1.4- Final Update of New Mobility Services and Business Models

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