GECKO launches the first Knowledge Bank of new mobility services and technologies

The second GECKO Regulatory Supportive Tool is now released!

The GECKO project has been involved in the development of Regulatory Supportive Tools aiming at supporting the EU’s regulation agenda regarding an effective deployment of emerging technologies and business models for all transport modes.

The GECKO Knowledge Bank of new mobility services and technology is one of them and it integrates relevant findings from the project’s research on the subjects of technology, operation, business and social trends and innovations, regulatory dashboard and governance frameworks.

This dynamically updated knowledge bank was released in April 2020. It acts as a collaborative platform that allows stakeholders to co-create value via information sharing.

The current version of the knowledge bank reviews the state-of-the-art on new mobility services and technologies, conducts research on regulations that might benefit for the implementation of future transportation, and develops a more comprehensive guidance for policy makers. It enables the public sector to design regulatory and governance frameworks that integrate and foster the implementation of new mobility services and technologies. Specifically, this knowledge bank:

  1. categorizes all disruptive innovations in the transportation industry into four innovation categories (i.e., connected, cooperative, and automated mobility, infrastructure, network, and traffic management, MaaS and MaaS platforms, and shared on-demand mobility).
  2. provides an inclusive review on new mobility services and technologies, including market analysis and cooperation models among public and private parties.
  3. analyses the business models of the four innovation categories and explores their value creation, delivery, and capture mechanisms.
  4. investigates the regulatory responses of each innovation categories to recommend policy makers to enable adaptive and anticipatory regulatory schemes and governance with novel policies that contribute to sustainable mobility goals.

You can read the full report about the GECKO Knowledge Bank here.

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