GECKO is finalising its Compliance Map

Read about the newly developed GECKO Regulatory Supportive Tool.

The Compliance Map is one of the main outcomes of the GECKO project. It is a regulatory supportive tool aimed at showing similarities, differences, trade-offs and patterns across different regulatory schemes, which share the goal of enabling the implementation of emerging disruptive innovations, while at the same time safeguarding adequate level of security, safety, data privacy, and social protection.

Thanks to the Compliance Map, policy makers will be able to assess the effectiveness of regulatory schemes in enabling new technologies and business models to thrive, while ensuring that their policy objectives are achieved. At the same time, it will support them in adapting regulations that may hamper the deployment of business models, services, and technologies for disruptive innovation.

More specifically, the Map will allow users to retrieve information on regulations using specific filtering criteria (by region, by mobility solution, by category, etc.), through a dynamic visualization and an interactive panel.

In this framework, two indexes have been defined: the Regulation Compliance (RC) and the Regulation Readiness (RR). The RC shows how effectively each country or city regulate the different aspects linked to a sustainable adoption of the new mobility solutions. The RR provides a holistic assessment of the level of readiness of each country's regulatory framework to accommodate the introduction or diffusion of different mobility solutions according to their respective market penetration levels.

The Compliance Map will be presented for the first time to GECKO stakeholders during the third workshop and will then be launched on the GECKO website.

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