The GECKO Regulatory Supportive Tools are in the making!

The project is developing a Regulatory Framework Dashboard and a Compliance Map to assist policymakers with a catalogue of regulations addressing mobility innovations.

GECKO is currently working on the design and development of the so-called Regulatory Framework Dashboard, one of the three Regulatory Supportive Tools that the project will deliver in its lifetime.

The Dashboard aims at providing policy makers with an extensive overview of new regulatory responses regarding disruptive mobility solutions. The main categories of disruptive innovation considered by the tool are: Cooperative, connected, and automated mobility (CCAM); infrastructure, network, and traffic management; MaaS and MaaS platforms; shared and on-demand mobility. Different aspects linked to disruptive innovations and new mobility services are taken into account, such as: challenges, risks, and issues associated to social, economic, political, environmental and safety aspects.

The Dashboard will provide an impact assessment of regulatory responses through a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The result will be an estimation of the effectiveness of different regulatory schemes in enabling new technologies and business models to thrive, while ensuring policy objectives are achieved (e.g. safety, security, data privacy, social protection, etc.).

In parallel, GECKO is developing the Compliance Map, which will display the content of the Regulatory Framework Dashboard. The Map will allow users to retrieve information on regulations using specific filtering criteria (by region, by mobility solution, by category, etc.), through a dynamic visualization and an interactive panel. A first mock-up is shown in the figure above.

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